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Women's Wellbeing Center Olennainen


"Maailma navassa" birthing course gives you all you need for a empowering birth.

Text me, call me or email me early enough, so I have time to gather together a group
tel. +358 44 046 0463

Course fee 198,00€ includes three group appointments in Women's Wellbeing Center Olennainen (Valtakatu 3, Pori). Fee includes coffee, tea, refreshments, some healthy snacks and midwife's support for your pregnancy and first times with newborn. Wear comfortable and warm clothes, please.

PRIVATE BIRTHING CLASSES 198,00 two private 3 hour appointments or in the privacy of your home or in Womens Wellbeing Center Olennainen (Valtakatu 3, Pori) Private appointments are arranged at the time convenient for you. 

Booking and info:
maailma.navassa(at) or tel. +358 44 046 0463

In course we explore:
Pregnancy and birth - an unique adventure
Active, enjoyable pregnancy and good positions for pregnancy and childbirth
Natural childbirth - what's that and how to achieve that
Normal birth process and physiology
Important role of birthing hormones
Long latentphase as a challenge
When is time to go to hospital
Acupressure at birth
How to control and ease labourpain
How can I ease my birth
Birthing in Finnland and local hospital routines
Important role of father/partner at birth
World of a newborn
Growth to a fatherhood
Life after birth

And all support you need from your own midwife.


Prenatal check ups (neuvola) with a midwife. You can have all your prenatal check ups in Women's Wellbeing Center Olennainen or you can have them in neuvola and have some extra appointments in Olennainen.
1-1,5 hour appointment in Maailma navassa's or in your home at the time convinient for you.
Appointment fee 60€
Homevisit 70€

Transition midwifery
Homebirth in hospital. You can have a midwife with you from the beginnig of your labour. Stay at home longer with a midwife and go to hospital just at the right moment. If you need, the midwife can escort you to hospital too.

is possible in Finland too. If you are healthy and your pregnancy has been normal and there has been no complications and if you have atleast one normal birth in your history, you can have a midwife asist you in a homebirth.

Appointments and homevisits after birth for exsample breastfeeding consulting and mother-baby check ups after policlinical or early discharge from hospital.

Midwife, breastfeeding consultant (WHO)
Eliisa Karttunen
Address (appointments and courses)

Nasten Hyvinvointikeskus Olennainen

Womens Wellbeing Center Olennainen
Valtakatu 3
28100 Pori
tel. +358 44 046 0463

I was very young when I decided to become a midwife. My best friends mother was a midwife and it sounded so fascinating. And it really has been that! I'm working at local hospital in the delivery room and in prenatal and postnatal care.

In 1999 I became a midwife. Since then I have worked with women in gynecology and expecting and laboring women. I have studied acupuncture in pregnancy and birth. Along with my hospital work I'm a board member of The Federation of Finnish Midwives.

In Finland midwives take care independently of normal births, in hospitals too. Finnish midwife is a specialist of a gynecological care, normal pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Our work is very independent and challenging and I'm very proud to be a Finnish Midwife. I have a strong believe in natural birth and in woman's power to give birth. My goal is to help women find this power and courage.

With Love❤️ Eliisa

Midwife Eliisa Karttunen